Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Binky Fairy

Don't judge me.  I let my daughter have her binkies until she turned three.  I know I know.  It's terrible for the teeth.  I think I was more attatched to them than she was.  I didn't want to take them away and have sleepless nights again.  I do have to brag about how I took them away because it worked like a charm with no sleepless nights. 

We had been talking about getting rid of the binkies when she turned three.  We talked about how a binky fairy would come and take her binkies to little babies that are sad because they didn't have any, and in return Taycee would get a present from the fairy.  Well after she turned three, and the binky fairy decided to get her butt up and get her a present, we left them out one night for the fairy to come. She woke up to a couple of new movies and a bell for her bike.  I was completely shocked at how willingly she left them that night.  She didn't cry once for them and hasn't mentioned them since.  If I would have known it would have been that easy I would have done it a long time ago.  So to anyone out there that is thinking about getting rid of the binkies try the "Binky Fairy" It worked for us :)

A funny story that happened while we were in the process of talking about getting rid of them.  One night we were saying prayers before bed as a family.  After we finished we talked about how when Taycee turned three the binky fairy would come visit.  (We talked about it a lot a couple of weeks before she actually visited so Taycee knew what was going on.) As we were talking about it I saw Taycee's eyes start to look around the room.  All of a sudden she looked at both me and Scott and said, "I'm going to hide them."  I seriously laughed so hard.  She was looking for a place that she could hide her binkies so the fairy wouldn't take them :)