Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Binky Fairy

Don't judge me.  I let my daughter have her binkies until she turned three.  I know I know.  It's terrible for the teeth.  I think I was more attatched to them than she was.  I didn't want to take them away and have sleepless nights again.  I do have to brag about how I took them away because it worked like a charm with no sleepless nights. 

We had been talking about getting rid of the binkies when she turned three.  We talked about how a binky fairy would come and take her binkies to little babies that are sad because they didn't have any, and in return Taycee would get a present from the fairy.  Well after she turned three, and the binky fairy decided to get her butt up and get her a present, we left them out one night for the fairy to come. She woke up to a couple of new movies and a bell for her bike.  I was completely shocked at how willingly she left them that night.  She didn't cry once for them and hasn't mentioned them since.  If I would have known it would have been that easy I would have done it a long time ago.  So to anyone out there that is thinking about getting rid of the binkies try the "Binky Fairy" It worked for us :)

A funny story that happened while we were in the process of talking about getting rid of them.  One night we were saying prayers before bed as a family.  After we finished we talked about how when Taycee turned three the binky fairy would come visit.  (We talked about it a lot a couple of weeks before she actually visited so Taycee knew what was going on.) As we were talking about it I saw Taycee's eyes start to look around the room.  All of a sudden she looked at both me and Scott and said, "I'm going to hide them."  I seriously laughed so hard.  She was looking for a place that she could hide her binkies so the fairy wouldn't take them :)

Princess Birthday

Our baby girl turned 3 on April 29.  I guess she isn't my baby anymore.  We celebrated this year with a princess party.  I of course had to dress up like a princess too so I was Snow White.  Taycee thought it was so great that I dressed up and the whole day she referred to me as Snow White.  She would say things like, "Thank you for the presents Snow White."  It was so cute! 
We are so blessed to have this little girl in our family.  I can't believe how fast the last three years have gone by.  People always tell you how quickly it goes by but I can defenitely say now that it goes by sooo fast.   We love our little Taycee and can't wait to continue to watch her grow up! Happy Birthday Little Miss! We love you!

Disney On Ice

In April I saw that Disney on Ice was coming to Phoenix. We decided that it would be something fun to take Taycee to for her birthday and we were right. She loved it! She dressed up like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She didn't take her eyes off of the show once.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Best Friends

                                                                     Ryder and Taycee                     

 How are we ever going to split these two up after dental school? They are best buddies!

Newport Beach=Heaven on Earth

We went to Newport Beach a couple of weeks ago during spring break with my family.  We absolutely fell in love with the place and decided that if it wasn't so expensive to live there we would want to live there.  One can dream right?!? We had so much fun hanging out with the family and Taycee was definitely spoiled with attention from everyone!

Building sand castles.
Driving the boat with Gpa Alan

She was so excited to bury Justin in the sand.

Tennis anyone?


So we went to a friends house a couple of weekends ago. We were in a hurry to get out the door so I left the responsibility to her of getting her shorts back on after going potty. When we got there I noticed that Taycee's Shorts were on backwards.   I didn't bother changing them because she was busy playing.  But, the entire time she was there she kept picking her wedgies.  I thought it was just because her shorts were on backwards.  Well we got home from the party I pulled down her pants to put her jammies on  and this is what I found... 

 Apparently we need to work on putting panties on also. :)  Atleast it's a cute bum.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ann Romney

Classy.  This is the one word that I think describes Ann Romney best.  She is a true class act.  I love watching her introduce her husband at victory speeches. I love watching her interact with people after the speeches.  I think that the White House would be lucky to have Ann Romney as the First Lady of the United States of America.  I may be a partial to her considering that we both share the disease of Multiple Sclerosis.  She definitely is an inspiration to me when it comes to this.  I look at her and hope that when I am as old as her that I will have been able to keep up with my child and raise her the best that I can, that I will look as good as her, and that I will be able to be as positive about life no matter what this crazy disease throws at me. Neil Cavuto interviewed her recently and she talked about her life and dealing with MS.  For me very inspirational.  If your interested in it you can watch it here.

So on this Super Tuesday I am hoping the people get it right.  I would love to see Mitt Romney become the next President of the United States, but I would also love to have Ann Romney as the First Lady. :)